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2017/08/14: Version 11.6.0:

  • pidstat: Add new option (-e) which can be used to pass a program to execute and make pidstat monitor it.
  • pidstat: Add new option (-H) to display timestamps in seconds since the Epoch.
  • pidstat manual page updated.
  • Revert "ARM: Fix sadc crash because of unaligned memory accesses". The fix may cause segmentation faults in some cases [11.4.6] [11.2.12].
  • Add BUG_REPORT template file.
  • README file updated.
  • Cosmetic changes in code.
  • lsm file updated [11.4.6] [11.2.12].

2017/07/05: Version 11.5.7:

  • iostat: Add new "-s" switch used to display a short (narrow) version of the report that should fit in 80 chars wide screens.
  • iostat: Add new metrics to iostat's extended statistics report.
  • iostat: Express requests average size in kB, not sectors.
  • iostat: Make JSON output depend on options used.
  • iostat: Remove trailing colon following "Device" field name.
  • sar/sadf: Metrics from disks report previously expressed in sectors are now expressed in kB.
  • Update DTD/XSD documents.
  • SVG: Fix graphs for swap space utilization statistics.
  • Display unit with areq-sz metric values when --human option used.
  • Display a percent sign after values when --human option used.
  • pidstat: Don't stop if /proc/#/schedstat files don't exist.
  • Fix ressource leak (CID 144609) [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Cast variables to target type before use [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Fix buffer overflow when options -s or -e are used with sar (DEBIAN bug #863197) [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • SVG: Define a max number of horizontal lines for the background grid [11.4.5].
  • Change default colors to be usable on both dark and light terminal backgrounds [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Start collect and summary systemd services after sysstat.service [11.4.5] [11.2.11].
  • Manual pages updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2017/05/10: Version 11.5.6:

  • mpstat: Provide CPU statistics based on NUMA node placement.
  • SVG: Add new option: "showinfo".
  • ARM: Fix sadc crash because of unaligned memory accesses [11.4.4] [11.2.10].
  • Makefile: Fix test failures on big endian archs.
  • rndr_stats.c: Simplify fix for warning given by gcc -Werror=format-security.
  • mpstat: Remove unneeded parameter from JSON functions.
  • mpstat and sadf manual pages updated.
  • [Robert Luberda]: isag: Add several enhancements and fixes.
  • Fix typo in sadf manual page [11.4.4].

2017/02/27: Version 11.5.5:

  • SVG: Allow multiple charts on a row (new option added: "packed").
  • SVG: Add new option: "height=...".
  • SVG: Properly terminate SVG file when no data have been found [11.4.4].
  • SVG: Don't extend X axis beyond time end [11.4.4].
  • Add new %wait field to pidstat CPU utilization.
  • sadf: Fix insecure data handling (CID #139643).
  • sadf: Small code cleanup.
  • Fix comment in /etc/sysconfig/sysstat file [11.4.4] [11.2.10].
  • Makefile: Add regression tests ("test" target).
  • Hook up to Travis CI.
  • README file completely rewritten.
  • FAQ file converted to MarkDown format.
  • Remove isag support.
  • sadf and pisdstat manual pages updated.
  • Remove nfsiostat from .gitignore file [11.4.4] [11.2.10]

2017/01/11: Version 11.5.4:

  • sadf: Add new "raw" output format.
  • sar: Remove memory statistics (option -R).
  • SVG: Give actual canvas height at the end of SVG output.
  • Make sar's -I option work again with sadf.
  • sar: Better handle dynamically registered devices [11.4.3] [11.2.9].
  • sar: Fix incorrect gcc warning in svg_stats.c [11.4.3].
  • SVG: Init f_svg_print() function pointer to NULL [11.4.3].
  • sadf and sar manual pages updated.
  • README file updated (added Coverity Badge).
  • NLS translations updated. Added new Friulian translation.
  • Cosmetic fixes in source code

2016/12/06: Version 11.5.3:

  • sar: Add new metric "available free memory" to memory statistics.
  • Update DTD and XSD documents to include new metric.
  • sar/pidstat/iostat/tapestat/cifsiostat: Add new --human option to display values in human readable format.
  • SVG: Add new option "showidle" to be used with sadf to display CPU idle state.
  • sar/mpstat: Allow selection of a range of CPU or interrupts.
  • Update mpstat, sar and sadf manual pages.
  • iostat/mpstat: Fix "'LC_NUMERIC' undeclared" error message when compiling sysstat.
  • Sort keywords definition in sar, sadc and mpstat manual pages [11.2.9] [11.4.3].
  • SVG: Change some colors to make graphs easier to distinguish [11.4.3].
  • Small fix in iostat manual page [11.2.9] [11.4.3].
  • Cosmetic changes in source code [11.2.9] [11.4.3].
  • Update lsm file contents.
  • NLS updated.

2016/11/04: Version 11.5.2:

  • sar: Add software-based network processing (softnet) statistics.
  • sadc: Add output formats for softnet statistics.
  • [Michal Sekletar]: sar: Make buffers that hold timestamps bigger [11.2.8] [11.4.2].
  • [Shantanu Goel]: sar: /proc/vmstat fix for Linux 4.8 [11.2.8] [11.4.2].
  • [Mike Winter]: pidstat: Use system constants for process name length and username length.
  • [Breno Leitao]: sar: Improve cpuinfo read for POWER architecture [11.2.8] [11.4.2].
  • Make various buffers size holding timestamps consistent.
  • sadf: Use a decimal point instead of a coma in JSON output [11.2.8] [11.4.2].
  • mpstat, iostat: Use a decimal point instead of a coma in JSON output.
  • pidstat: Use either the short or the full command line when looking for a pattern with options -C or -G [11.2.8] [11.4.2].
  • sar manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2016/09/23: Version 11.5.1:

  • iostat: Add JSON output (option "-o JSON").
  • mpstat: Add JSON output (option "-o JSON").
  • sadf: Fix broken datafile conversion from old formats [11.2.7] [11.4.1].
  • sadf: Fix fields list displayed by sadf -d for filesystem activity [11.2.7] [11.4.1].
  • pidstat: Don't omit kernel threads when using -l option [11.2.7] [11.4.1].
  • Reuse hdr_line string from struct activity to display activities title line.
  • sadf: Remove sysstat-version from JSON output.
  • iostat and mpstat manual pages updated.

2016/08/15: Version 11.4.0:

  • sar: Workaround for I/O and transfer rates statistics which may be wrongly calculated if a filesystem is unmounted [11.2.6].
  • SVG: Fix how bar graphs are displayed for filesystems statistics in order to not loose the first sample.
  • SVG: Change graphs order to be consistent with the output of sar.
  • SVG: Change some graphs's title.
  • Replace strcpy() with strncpy() to avoid buffer overflows [11.2.6].
  • Fixed unsigned compared against 0 problem (CID#127473) [11.2.6].
  • NLS updated.

2016/06/24: Version 11.3.5:

  • sadf: Add SVG output for ICMP{v4,v6}, IPv6, UDPv6, voltage inputs, NFS client, NFS server, disks, filesystems and FC HBA statistics.
  • sadf: Add SVG output for IPv4, ICMPv4, TCPv4, IPv6 and ICMP network errors statistics.
  • SVG: Make sure graduations are properly aligned with grid.
  • SVG: Add oneday option to control SVG output.
  • SVG: Fix skipempty option.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Stricter check for file_magic->header_size [11.2.5].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: tapestat: Various fixes [11.2.5].
  • [Esteban Fallas]: Check for undefined UID variable in sysstat script [11.2.5].
  • [Carsten Grohmann]: Unify description of the tps value in the sar manual page for -b and -d flags [11.2.5].
  • sadf manual page updated.

2016/05/14: Version 11.3.4:

  • sadf: Add SVG output for fan speed and temperature sensors statistics, I/O and transfer rate statistics, kernel tables statistics, hugepages utilization statistics, IPv4 and IPv6 network sockets statistics, UDPv4, TCPv4 and IPv4 network statistics.
  • SVG: Add skipempty and autoscale options to control SVG output.
  • sadf and sar manual pages updated [11.2.4].
  • NLS translation updated.
  • Various cosmetic changes in code [11.2.4].

2016/04/09: Version 11.3.3:

  • sadf: Add SVG output for CPU statistics, CPU frequency statistics, memory and swap statistics, and queue length and load average statistics.
  • SVG: Make SVG code independent from the locale used to display numerical values.
  • SVG: Fix possibly truncated SVG code.
  • SVG: Make sure that a minimum interval value is used on X and Y axis.
  • [Peter Portante]: Quick fix for cprintf_u64 non-uintv64_t [11.2.3].
  • NLS translations updated.

2016/03/13: Version 11.3.2:

  • sadf: Add SVG output for paging statistics, network interfaces and swap statistics.
  • SVG: Specify charset encoding in SVG header.
  • SVG: Fix invalid use of attribute vector-effect.
  • sar: Fix possible confusion between network interfaces that could happen when a new interface was registered and appeared in the middle of the list in the /proc/net/dev file [11.2.2].
  • sar: Fix possible compatibility issues between sysstat versions [11.2.2.].
  • [Y. Namiki]: sar: Print time in the ISO format if S_TIME_FORMAT=ISO [11.2.2].
  • mpstat/pidstat: Print time in the ISO format if S_TIME_FORMAT=ISO [11.2.2].
  • [Steve Kay]: Disable NLS if any gettext components are unavailable [11.2.2].
  • [Steve Kay]: sadf: Fix several typos in SVG output.
  • [Steve Kay]: Fix tapestat manual page typos [11.2.2].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Add new SP_VALUE_100() macro which limits value to 100% for CPU statistics displayed by pidstat [11.2.2].
  • sar, sadf, pidstat and mpstat manual pages updated..

2016/02/21: Version 11.3.1:

  • sadf: Add new SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) output format. This option enables the user to display fancy graphs in a web brower using the data collected by sar/sadc!
  • sar/sadf: Major code refactoring.
  • sadf: Don't display the JSON fchosts tag when no statistics data exist for Fibre Channel [11.2.1].
  • README file converted to Markdown format [11.2.1].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Convert CREDITS file to utf-8 [11.2.1].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Update license text [11.2.1].
  • sadf manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Update README file and copyright messages [11.2.1].
  • NLS updated [11.2.1].

2015/12/27: Version 11.2.0:

  • mpstat: Code refactoring (better handle some special borderline cases for per-processor interrupts statistics).
  • mpstat: Option -I now accepts a list of comma-separated arguments.
  • sar: Fix color output for %temp and %in fields.
  • sadf: Fix bug preventing sadf from converting a data file with an old format.
  • sadc: Fix insecure data handling, really (CID #29720).
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Increase NR_CPUS to match kernel upstream.
  • sar: Check minimum size of sa data files header (CID #29719).
  • sadc: Fix default number of frequencies for A_PWR_WGHFREQ activity.
  • pidstat: Define new SCHED_DEADLINE scheduling policy.
  • Remove obsolete nfsiostat-sysstat command.
  • mpstat manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.

2015/10/23: Version 11.1.8:

  • Add support for color customization.
  • Add color support for pidstat, tapestat and cifsiostat commands.
  • Define values "always", "never" and "auto" for S_COLORS environment variable.
  • sar: Remove extra line of statistics displayed when SIGINT is received.
  • Add missing va_end() statements (CID #113539, #113540, #113541, #113542).
  • Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in SREALLOC macro (CID #29706) [11.0.8].
  • sadc: Fix untrusted value used as argument (CID #29720) [11.0.8].
  • sadc: Fix another insecure data handling (CID #29720).
  • sar/sadc: Set an upper limit for each kind of item that sar/sadc can handle.
  • Manual pages updated for iostat, mpstat, sar, pidstat, tapestat and cifsiostat commands.
  • Update librdsensors.a target in Makefile.

2015/09/20: Version 11.1.7:

  • Add color support for mpstat, iostat and sar commands.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Fix problem with pidstat output values > 100% for %CPU [11.0.7].
  • [Shane Seymour]: tapestat: Fix issue when st driver is unloaded then loaded again.
  • [Christian Neukirchen]: Fix header files included in tapestat.
  • Make sysstat build on musl (non-glibc) environment.
  • tapestat: Check fscanf() return values.
  • [Alexis Solanas]: Fix issue with iostat not showing the full device name [11.0.7].
  • sa2: DATE couldn't be set when DATE_OPTS variable was empty. Fix this.
  • Add sa2 option to avoid sarDD report generation.
  • [Julian Taylor]: sargraph2: Fix MB/s units and help typo.
  • sysstat(5), iostat, mpstat and sar manual pages updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2015/08/24: Version 11.1.6:

  • [Shane Seymour]: Added new "tapestat" command aimed at displaying statistics for tape drives.
  • [Shane Seymour]: Added tapestat manual page.
  • Check /proc/net/snmp format to collect ICMP statistics at their right positions [11.0.6].
  • sadc: Fix untrusted value used as argument.
  • sa_conv.c: Fix ressource leak.
  • ioconf.c: Fix several ressource leaks [11.0.6].
  • mpstat: Fix alignment output, really [11.0.6].
  • [Sampsa Kiiskinen]: Fix bug in isag [11.0.6].
  • iostat's option -T renamed to -H.
  • iostat manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2015/06/12: Version 11.1.5:

  • [Steve Kay]: sar: Added fibre channel HBA statistics.
  • [Steve Kay]: Replace non printable characters in comments displayed by sar/sadf.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Fixed and simplified some math expressions in pr_stats.c [11.0.5].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: ioconf.c: Check value of variable "major" read from file [11.0.5].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: ioconf.c: Use strncpy instead of strcpy [11.0.5].
  • sar: Fixed untrusted loop bound [11.0.5].
  • sadc: Fixed time-of-check, time-of-use race condition.
  • [Vitezslav Cizek]: Assume device-mapper is not running when it is not found in /proc/devices.
  • sar: Added option --sadc. This option indicates which data collector will be called by sar.
  • sadf: Fixed null pointer dereference which could happen with a malformed system activity datafile.
  • cifsiostat: Fixed possible integer overflowed argument [11.0.5].
  • sar manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • NLS updated.

2015/04/07: Version 11.1.4:

  • Makefile: sysstat init script may sometimes be called rc.sysstat. So use that name when needed [11.0.4].
  • pidstat: Don't stop if gtime and cgtime fields are unavailable [11.0.4].
  • sar: Fix output with filesystems having more than MAX_FS_LEN characters in length.
  • Updated DTD and XSD documents. XML document, as displayed by sadf -x, should now be properly validated against them.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Replace spaces with tabs in [11.0.4].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Create appropriate directories in DESTDIR if missing [11.0.4].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Fixed installation of systemd/cron files on systems w/o systemd [11.0.4].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Don't look in weird places for programs during configuration [11.0.4].
  • [Steve Kay]: sar: Added option to display mountpoint names instead of filesystem names.
  • [Steve Kay]: sar/sadf: Permit hh:mm:ss as well as hh:mm.
  • [Steve Kay]: Fix mpstat SCPU alignment output [11.0.4].
  • [Steve Kay]: Fix unproperly indented line in sar -h output.
  • Makefile: Call chkconfig only if $(COPY_ONLY) is set to no [11.0.4].
  • sysstat(5) manual page updated [11.0.4].
  • [Dimitrios Apostolou]: Updated sargraph tool.
  • [Dimitrios Apostolou]: Updated sa2 script to support more compression formats. Simplify logic with regexes.
  • [Dimitrios Apostolou]: YESTERDAY variable can now be changed in sysstat config file (/etc/sysconfig/sysstat).
  • [Dimitrios Apostolou]: By default sa2 now generates yesterday's summary.
  • CREDITS file updated

2015/02/13: Version 11.1.3:

  • sar/sadc: Added new metrics from /proc/meminfo to memory statistics.
  • sadf: Update output formats to take into account new memory metrics.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Fixes from static analysis.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Prefer xz compression program when compressing sa data files [11.0.3].
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Portable way to detect 64 bit OS in configure script [11.0.4].
  • [Vasant Hegde]: sadc: Fix possible race condition in signal handler code [11.0.3].
  • Fix description of %util in iostat and sar manual pages [11.0.3].
  • Fix wrong size used in upgrade_magic_section() function.
  • Add new sadc_options variable to configure script.
  • Rename --disable-man-group option to --disable-file-attr. This configure's option prevents the build process from setting attributes of files being installed.
  • Make sure that no crontabs are activated when configure's option --enable-copy-only is used [11.0.3].
  • FAQ updated.
  • RPM spec file updated.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • sadc manual page updated [11.0.3].
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Code cleaned [11.0.3].

2014/10/19: Version 11.1.2:

  • [Robert Elliott]: Added irqtop command. irqtop monitors differences in /proc/interrupts and /proc/softirqs per CPU, along with CPU statistics. irqtop is currently in the contrib directory.
  • [Lance Shelton]: Added irqstat command, a better way to watch /proc/interrupts, designed for NUMA systems with many processors.
  • [Vasant Hegde]: sadc: Don't send SIGINT signal if parent process is already dead [11.0.2].
  • sadc: Make sure that functions used to count items (CPU, network interfaces, etc.) are called only once.
  • sar and sadf now tell the user when they cannot read a file because the endian format doesn't match.
  • Fixed incomplete sar and sadf output when end time (specified with option -e) crosses 24 hour boundary [11.0.2].
  • cifsiostat/nfsiostat: Fix output on single core CPU [11.0.2].
  • pidstat didn't handle processes with spaces in their name properly. This is now fixed [11.0.2].
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2014/08/30: Version 11.1.1:

  • Added option -c to sadf: This option enables the user to convert an sa datafile with an old format (at least 9.1.6) to the up-to-date format (11.1.1 as of today).
  • Update sadf -H output to print datafile date and tell whether this file has been converted from an old datafile or not.
  • Added option -[0-9]+ to sadf to show data of that days ago [11.0.1].
  • Use statvfs() system call instead of deprecated statfs() to get filesystems statistics with sar [11.0.1].
  • sar: Stricter syntax check [11.0.1].
  • Remove unneeded include file in sa_common.c [11.0.1].
  • [Kosaki Motohiro]: Update workaround for 32bit CPU counters [11.0.1].
  • Define unknown scheduling policies in pidstat.h [11.0.1].
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Test return value for fgets/fscanf calls [11.0.1].
  • Makefile updated: Follow symlinks when creating the tarballs [11.0.1].
  • sadf manual page updated [11.0.1].

2014/06/17: Version 11.0.0:

  • [Cedric Marie]: pidstat now displays task scheduling priority and policy (-R option).
  • [Cedric Marie]: pidstat: Add option -G to filter processes by name.
  • pidstat: Update variables type to be consistent with recent 3.x kernels.
  • sadc/sar/sadf: The standard daily data files may now be named saYYYYMMDD instead of saDD. Option -D has been added to sar and sadc to tell them to write to data files under the name saYYYYMMDD.
  • sadc/sar/sadf: Take into account alternate locations for standard daily data files.
  • sa1 and sa2 scripts updated: Don't create a tree of directories any more if HISTORY is greater than 28. Use saYYYYMMDD data files instead.
  • sa1 and sa2 scripts now take into account two new variables: SA_DIR (directory where sa and sar files are located) and ZIP (compression program to use).
  • Make sysstat init script source the functions library.
  • Fix possible buffer overflow.
  • Small fix with sadc's option -S: It is now possible to enter several comma separated values.
  • Don't install crontabs when using systemd timer units.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated. Galician and Hungarian translations added.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2014/03/18: Version 10.3.1:

  • sar/sadc/sadf: Now take into account a change of CPU count in datafiles. The number of CPU is displayed in the RESTART messages.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • [Tomasz Torcz]: Add systemd timer units replacing cronjobs.
  • [Mike Kazantsev]: Fix output of sadf -j with file-utc-time present.
  • [Peter Portante]: sa2 script now also catches 'xz' compressed files as well.
  • Rename nfsiostat to nfsiostat-sysstat and indicate it is now obsolete. An nfsiostat command is already included in the nfs-utils package.
  • When attempting to use a non existent daily datafile, sar and sadf tell the user to check if data collecting is enabled.
  • sadf -H now displays the number of activities in file.
  • nfsiostat manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • README file updated.
  • NLS updated.

2014/01/19: Version 10.2.1:

  • Added new --enable-copy-only option to configure script. This option may be useful when creating sysstat package to make sure that files are only copied to $DESTDIR and that no service is activated (eg. for distro using systemd).
  • pidstat: Add a new metric to pidstat I/O statistics: per-task block I/O delays.
  • Take $DESTDIR variable into account when installing sysstat service used by systemd.
  • sadf -H, sadf -j and sadf -x now also display the file creation time.
  • Use sizeof() instead of hardcoded size values.
  • pidstat manual page updated.
  • Cosmetic fixes.
  • NLS updated.

2013/11/03: Version 10.2.0:

  • pidstat: Added option -v, enabling the user to display the number of threads and file descriptors associated with tasks.
  • Stack stats displayed by "pidstat -s" were sometimes not displayed for some processes although values had changed. This is now fixed.
  • pidstat can now display stats since system startup for a list of processes given on the command line.
  • pidstat -d now displays -1 for I/O stats values when the process I/O file cannot be read (permission denied or file non existent).
  • mpstat and pidstat commands now exit immediately when they get a SIGINT signal during the first interval of time.
  • [Alexander Troosh]: mpstat: Take into account the highest processor number in mpstat output.
  • Rearrange options displayed by sar -h (upper case option should be displayed before its lower case counterpart).
  • Added "prealloc" variable to configure script. This variable will determine the size of data files created by sar/sadc.
  • Added xz-compressed target to Makefile.
  • pidstat manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDIT updated.

2013/09/13: Version 10.1.7:

  • New metric added to sar network devices statistics: %ifutil now gives the network interface utilization percentage.
  • Now use a lightweight static library having only the necessary functions to compile sysstat commands. This results in a size 25% to almost 45% smaller for some commands.
  • [Kevin Johnson]: Rewrite rule for librdstats.a in Makefile to allow parallel execution.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Fix wrong permissions for data file created by sa1 script when HISTORY is greater than 28.
  • [Muneyuki Noguchi]: Use %u instead of %d for unsigned int variables.
  • [Muneyuki Noguchi]: Close file descriptor before exit in pidstat.c.
  • [Muneyuki Noguchi]: Remove redundant NULL checks.
  • [James Fraser]: Replace comma with semi-colon in filesystems statistics header line.
  • Fixed sar log file corruption in odd Feb 28th edge-case.
  • Filesystems statistics (displayed by sar -F) are now collected by sadc only if option "-S XDISK" is used.
  • sar now collects all statistics (including partitions ones) when data are saved into a file with option -o.
  • [Yan Gao]: Update iostat manual page: Don't say that device saturation occurs when %util is close to 100% for devices serving multiple requests simultaneously.
  • Documentation fixes and updates.
  • Several manual pages updated (sar, sadc, sadf, sa1, sa2, sysstat).
  • NLS updated.

2013/06/09: Version 10.1.6:

  •  Filesystems statistics added to sar/sadc/sadf. These stats can be displayed with option -F.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • Code cleaned: Removed several unused constants from header files.
  • Sysstat command options can now be 'collapsed' (grouped) when not followed by an argument. So it's now possible for example to enter 'iostat -px 2 5' since no device name is given to option -p. This also concerns pidstat option -U.
  • Fixed type for "memfree" and "intr" elements in XSD document.
  • Removed functions used to count number of items from rd_stats.c and put them in a separate file (count.c).
  • NLS updated (da, hr, cs). Turkish translation added.
  • Typos fixed. README file updated.
  • Yet another cosmetic fix in pidstat manual page. Sar and mpstat manual pages updated..

2013/03/31: Version 10.1.5:

  • mpstat now takes into account every interrupt per processor so that their number adds up to the number displayed for CPU "all".
  • [Peter Schiffer]: systemd unit file couldn't be installed because PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG macro wasn't expanded in configure script. This is now fixed.
  • [Benno Schulenberg]: Fixed a small inconsistency in pidstat usage message.
  • Cosmetic fixes in pidstat manual page.
  • NLS updated (de, eo, fi, fr, ja, nb, nl, ru, uk, vi).
  • CREDITS file updated.

2013/03/08: Version 10.1.4:

  • [Christophe Cerin]: pidstat now stops and displays its average stats when it receives SIGINT (crtl/c).
  • mpstat now stops and displays its average stats when it receives SIGINT (crtl/c).
  • sar now stops and displays its average stats when it receives SIGINT (crtl/c).
  • pidstat now displays task's UID for all tasks.
  • pidstat: -U option added. This option tells pidstat to display the username of the task instead of its UID. When this option is followed by a user name, then only tasks belonging to the specified user are displayed by pidstat.
  • pidstat manual page updated.
  • Now use sigaction() instead of signal() for signals handling to avoid portability problems.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.

2012/12/23: Version 10.1.3:

  • Changed network counters (used by sar -n {DEV | EDEV }) to unsigned long long to keep in sync with current kernels. WARNING: This breaks compatibility with older sar data files format for network statistics.
  • Changed IPv4 counters (used by sar -n { IP | EIP}) to unsigned long long to keep in sync with current kernels. WARNING: This breaks compatibility with older sar data files format for IPv4 statistics.
  • Changed IPv6 counters (used by sar -n { IP6 | EIP6}) to unsigned long long to keep in sync with current kernels. WARNING: This breaks compatibility with older sar data files format for IPv6 statistics.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Added option -y to iostat. This option prevents iostat from displaying its first report with statistics since system boot.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Increase NR_CPUS and NR_IRQS values.
  • [John Lau]: sadc didn't collect all its activities when it had to overwrite an old sysstat data file with some unknown activity formats. This is now fixed.
  • Now install sadc in $prefix/lib64 directory on 64 bit machines even if $prefix/lib directory also exists.
  • Fixed DTD document: If computer has run all day without restart, XML output file from sadf -x has no boot elements.
  • Remove heading spaces in softirq names displayed by mpstat for easier reading.
  • Fixed wrong command execution syntax in configure script.
  • Removed several unused definitions in some header files.
  • iostat manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2012/10/06: Version 10.1.2:

  • New field added to sar -u and mpstat: %gnice (time spent running a niced guest).
  • New field added to sar -r: kbdirty (amount of memory waiting to get written back to disk).
  • [Peter Schiffer]: systemd support added.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Sysstat init script updated to make it more conforming to LSB.
  • XML DTD document name is now tagged with a version number.
  • Fixed a fatal error when compiled with -Werror=format-security.
  • sar, sadf and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • Cosmetic change in sadf -H output.
  • NLS updated.

2012/07/29: Version 10.1.1:

  • Added option -[0-9]+ to sar to show data of that days ago.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Persistent device names support added to sar and iostat (option -j).
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Make sysstat disk counters consistent with those from latest kernel (3.5). WARNING: This breaks compatibility with older sar data files format for disk activity.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: sar: Use /sys/dev/block/major:minor links to determine devices real name.
  • Part of 'sadf -H' output was written to stderr instead of stdout. This is now fixed.
  • WARNING: sadf: Option '-T' has been renamed into '-U', and option '-t' has been renamed into '-T'.
  • sadf: New option -t added. This option tells sadf to display the timestamps in the local time of the data file creator instead of UTC. The same option exists for sar.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Various cosmetic changes in manual pages and usage messages displayed by sysstat commands.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • sar, sadf and iostat manual pages updated..

2012/05/16: Version 10.0.5:

  • [Alain Chereau]: Options -g and -T added to iostat. These options enable the user to display statistics for groups of devices.
  • [Vitezslav Cizek]: sadc now overwrites its standard daily data file when this file is from a past month.
  • sadf: Change time format from HH-MM-SS to HH:MM:SS in the various reports displayed by sadf.
  • XSD document updated: Added a maxOccurs indicator for the timestamp element.
  • Added option --enable-collect-all to configure script. This option tells sadc to collect all possible activities, including optional ones.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: Set exit code to 0 for sa2 shell script.
  • NLS updated. Croatian translation added.
  • iostat and sadc manual pages updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2012/03/07: Version 10.0.4:

  • [Andrey Borzenkov]: Don't take virtual devices into account in sar -b results.
  • [Peter Schiffer]: iostat didn't display target device information when a symbolic link was specified as a parameter. This is now fixed.
  • The number of jiffies spent by a CPU in guest mode given by the corresponding counter in /proc/stat may be slightly different from that included in the user counter. Take this into account when calculating current time interval value.
  • configure script updated: Added --disable-stripping option. Using this option tells configure to NOT strip object files.
  • FAQ updated.
  • sa1 manual page updated.
  • NLS updated. Serbian translation added.

2011/11/27: Version 10.0.3:

  • sadf: New output format added: JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). This format can be displayed with sadf's option -j.
  • [Jürgen Heinemann]: Fixed a bug in sadf XML output.
  • [Jürgen Heinemann]: Fixed several bugs in DTD and XSD documents.
  • [Petr Uzel]: Fixed random crash with iostat when called with option -N [NOVELL Bug#729130].
  • sadf manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2011/08/28: Version 10.0.2:

  • sadf modified to make it easier to add new output formats. Its design is still not generic anyway.
  • Option -T added to sadf: This option tells sadf to display timestamps in seconds since the epoch (when applicable).
  • Option "-P ON" added to mpstat. This option tells mpstat to display stats only for online CPU.
  • [Kei Ishida]: pidstat displayed stats for processes that had terminated while pidstat was running. This is now fixed.
  • [Jeroen Roovers]: Automate translation files handling in
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • sadf and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • pidstat manual page updated: Added description of field %MEM displayed by pidstat -r.
  • Various cosmetic changes (sar.c, sadf.c).
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2011/06/03: Version 10.0.1:

  • Added USB devices statistics to sar and sadc. The option "-m USB" can now be used with sar to take a snapshot of all the USB devices currently plugged into the system.
  • sadf -p now displays the sensor device name for temperature, voltage inputs and fans statistics.
  • sar and pidstat: Check that _("Average") string doesn't exceed the size of the timestamp buffer.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Added option -h to iostat. This option makes the device utilization report easier to read with long device names.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: cifsiostat didn't count open files from the "Posix Open" column in /proc/fs/cifs/Stats file. This is now fixed.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Close file descriptor in read_uptime() function (rd_stats.c file).
  • Fixed XML output displayed by sadf (hugepages statistics were included in <power-management> section).
  • sar: Decrease column width for sensor device name (temperature, voltage inputs and fans statistics).
  • Remove unnecessary arguments from functions in pr_stats.c.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated and cleaned.
  • NLS updated. Esperanto translation added.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2011/03/15: Version 10.0.0:

  • [Ivana Varekova]: Fix a problem with long NFS and CIFS share names in cifsiostat and nfsiostat.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Added the possibility to extend the number of slots for NFS and CIFS mount points on the fly.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Check calloc() return value in cifsiostat and nfsiostat.
  • [Jan Kaluza]: Added --debuginfo option to cifsiostat and nfsiostat.
  • cifsiostat and nfsiostat manual pages updated.
  • Don't link sysstat's commands with sensors library if not needed [DEBIAN Bug#612571].
  • [Adam Heath]: iostat incorrectly mapped device-mapper IDs greater than 256. This is now fixed [DEBIAN Bug#614397].
  • Sysstat's commands option -V now displays the version number on stdout and returns 0 for the exit code.
  • sysstat_panic function is now defined only in DEBUG mode.
  • NLS updated. Ukrainian translation added.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2010/12/26: Version 9.1.7:

  • sar now tells sadc to read only the necessary groups of activities.
  • Added a new metric (number of tasks waiting for I/O) to sar -q.
  • Added two new metrics (amount of active and inactive memory) to sar -r.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Fix segfaults on bogus localtime input.
  • Fixed bogus CPU statistics output, which happened when CPU user value from /proc/stat wasn't incremented whereas CPU guest value was.
  • nfsiostat now takes into account POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable. nfsiostat default output is expressed in kB/s, unless this variable is set (in which case the output is expressed in blocks/s).
  • No longer assume that device-mapper major number is 253. Get the real number from /proc/devices file.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • [Kenichi Okuyama]: Small change to sar manual page.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2010/11/10: Version 9.1.6:

  • Added a new magical value for each activity in file. A format change can now hit only one activity instead of the whole file.
  • Added CPU average clock frequency statistics to sar and sadc.
  • Added hugepages utilization statistics to sar and sadc.
  • Fixed some differences between XML output (as displayed by sadf -x) and DTD document.
  • sadc -S POWER didn't include voltage inputs statistics. This is now fixed.
  • Define groups of activities: Each activity has now a new attribute specifying the group it belongs to (POWER, IPV6, etc.)
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Moved manual pages to $prefix/share/man instead of $prefix/man.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Fixed configure's --disable-man-group option.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Added SADC_OPTIONS to sysstat configuration file.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Added sysstat(5) manual page.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • DTD and XSD documents updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Split up prf_stats.c file into rndr_stats.c and xml_stats.c
  • Moved cron files in a separate cron subdirectory.
  • Made sysstat git aware.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2010/09/12: Version 9.1.5:

  • Added voltage inputs statistics to sar and sadc.
  • Added %temp field to device temperature statistics (sar -m TEMP).
  • Added drpm field to fan speed statistics (sar -m FAN).
  • XSD and DTD documents updated.
  • sar manual page updated. Indicate that svctm field should no longer be trusted.
  • Removed link to isag(1) from man pages.
  • NLS updated. Czech translation added.
  • Sample crontabs and sysstat init script: Don't collect disk data by default.
  • Code cleaned.

2010/07/29: Version 9.1.4:

  • [Jan Kaluza]: Added fan speed and device temperature statistics to sar and sadc.
  • [Jan Kaluza]: Configure script updated. Now check for lm_sensors library.
  • Configure script updated: Added --disable-sensors option.
  • Configure script updated: Removed --enable-smp-race option.
  • iconfig script updated.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • XSD and DTD documents updated.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: sysstat init script updated.
  • Default owner for sadc/sar crontab is now root.
  • Various fixes in cifsiostat and nfsiostat manual pages.
  • NLS updated.

2010/06/27: Version 9.1.3:

  • [Ivana Varekova]: Move NFS code out from iostat and create the new nfsiostat command.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Added cifsiostat command. This command displays CIFS statistics.
  • [Mario Konrad]: Added regular expressions support to pidstat's option -C.
  • [Mario Konrad]: Added option -s to pidstat to display stack statistics.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Fixed condition used by sar to distinguish betwwen a counter reset by a newly registered device and a counter overflow.
  • [Jan Kaluza]: Added --debuginfo option to iostat.
  • [Jan Kaluza]: Added --enable-debuginfo option to configure script.
  • iconfig configuration script updated.
  • iostat manual page updated. Indicate that svctm field should no longer be trusted.
  • autoconf script updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • README and CREDITS files updated.

2010/05/23: Version 9.1.2:

  • Added r_await and w_await fields to iostat's extended statistics.
  • Added support for tickless CPUs in sar and mpstat.
  • NLS was not taken into account when mpstat or sar were displaying some null statistics. This is now fixed.
  • sadc no longer syncs data with its output file contents. It put a pain on flash devices as it undermined any tuning of the vm's write behavior [DEBIAN Bug#559686].
  • NLS updated. Basque translation added.
  • iostat, sar and sa1 manual pages updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2010/02/28: Version 9.1.1:

  • Remove support for kernels older than 2.6.x.
  • iostat now takes into account POSIXLY_CORRECT environment variable. iostat default output for disk utilization is expressed in kB/s, unless this variable is set (in which case the output is expressed in blocks/s).
  • mpstat can now display per processor software interrupts statistics. This requires Linux kernel 2.6.31 or later.
  • Because of a change in /proc/interrupts file format, mpstat was no longer counting the proper number of interrupts. This is now fixed.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2009/11/11: Version 9.0.6:

  • sadf -x now takes into account options -s and -e (which specify a starting and ending time) and also interval and count parameters [DEBIAN bug#546259].
  • Option -C added to sadf. Use it to tell sadf to display comments present in file (also works with XML format).
  • sar and sadf sometimes didn't handle COMMENT records properly. This is now fixed.
  • XML output (displayed by sadf -x) modified for kernel tables statistics.
  • XSD and DTD documents updated.
  • [Yibin Shen]: HZ variable was not explicitly set in sadc.c. This is now fixed.
  • [Lans Carstensen]: sargraph added (sargraph is a shell script used to make graphs based on sadf XML output).
  • sadf manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
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