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Changelog (continued)

2009/09/20: Version 9.0.5:

  • sysstat should now be able to pretty print device names whose minor numbers are greater than or equal to 256. (Tests have been made on a large 26TB RHEL5/PP Linux cluster.)
  • sadc manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ updated.

2009/07/19: Version 9.0.4:

  • [Jonathan Kamens]: Fix double free/memory corruption bug with sadc.
  • [Jeroen Roovers]: Get entirely rid of implicit rule for libsyscom.a in Makefile to fix a problem with parallel execution.
  • sysstat.ioconf configuration file updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2009/05/24: Version 9.0.3:

  • [Michael Blakeley]: Option -z added to iostat. This option tells iostat to omit output for any devices for which there was no activity during the sample period.
  • [Tomasz Pala]: Fix mpstat where interrupt values should be read as unsigned integers.
  • sar -n ALL didn't select IPv6 statistics. This is now fixed.
  • iostat, sar and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • sadf -x now displays file creation date.
  • XSD and DTD documents updated.
  • NLS updated. Latvian translation added.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2009/04/02: Version 9.0.2:

  • sadc can now collect partition statistics in addition to disk ones. Keywords XDISK and XALL have been added to -S option.
  • Fixed a memory corruption in pidstat and iostat. This corruption could happen when a list of comma-separated values following option -p was entered on the command line.
  • configure now takes into account a new variable named rcdir. This variable may be used to specify the directory where startup scripts will be installed.
  • The value of directory for installing documentation files can now be set with configure's --docdir option.
  • Fixed a small bug in activity.c file, where there was a missing semicolon between two fields.
  • sar and sadc manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2009/03/07: Version 9.0.1:

  • Fix a crash with sar where a pointer was freed twice.
  • NLS updated.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2009/03/01: Version 9.0.0:

  • Option -m added to sar. This option is intended to display power management statistics. At the present time, only CPU frequency statistics are available.
  • sadc updated: Option "-S POWER" tells sadc to collect power management statistics.
  • sadf command updated to take into account power management statistics.
  • [Mike Harvey]: No longer truncate the interval of time to 32 bits, as this may cause some problems when displaying average values statistics on machines with hundreds of CPU.
  • read_uptime(): Cast values read from /proc/uptime to unsigned long long.
  • Fixed a small bug in sar where it didn't parse arguments properly when some options were entered in a specific order.
  • sadc and sar manual pages updated.
  • XSD and DTD documents updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Code cleaned. Makefile cleaned.

2009/01/11: Version 8.1.8:

  • IPv6 support added. A bunch of new metrics have been added to sar, enabling the user to display statistics for IPv6 protocol family (IPv6, ICMPv6, UDPv6 and network sockets).
  • sadc updated: Option "-S IPV6" tells sadc to collect IPv6 statistics.
  • sadf command updated to take into account IPv6 statistics.
  • Options -S (for sadc), -P (for mpstat, sar and sadf), -p (for iostat and pidstat) and -n and -I (for sar) now accept a list of comma-separated arguments.
  • [Ivana Varekova]: Make iostat display statistics for devices only (and not partitions) when not using its option -d. This was no longer possible with kernels 2.6.25 and later because iostat couldn't distinguish between devices and partitions any more.
  • iostat's options -x and -p are no longer mutually exclusive: Extended statistics are now available even for partitions with recent kernels.
  • iostat was unable to read stats from sysfs for devices who had a slash in their names (for example, iostat -p /dev/cciss/c0d0 didn't work properly before). This is now fixed.
  • [Amir Rapson]: Fixed a bug in iostat where %CPU spent servicing hard and soft irq were counted twice. This bug was introduced in 8.1.5.
  • DTD and XSD files updated.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated. Maltese translation added.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2008/11/13: Version 8.1.7:

  • Support for SNMP statistics added to sar. Several keywords have been added to option "-n". The user can now display statistics about IP, ICMP, TCP and UDP network traffic.
  • sadc updated: Option "-S SNMP" tells sadc to collect SNMP statistics.
  • sadf command updated to take into account SNMP statistics.
  • sadf -x now also displays number of CPU.
  • DTD and XSD files updated.
  • sar/sadc: Each item (like network interfaces) is now counted once.
  • [Eduardo Ferro Aldama]: Option -l added to pidstat. This option enables the user to display the whole command line for each process.
  • Option -h added to sar. This option displays a short help message.
  • Cosmetic change in sadf -x output for network statistics.
  • sadf -H now displays the real name of each activity saved in file.
  • Fixed some memory leaks detected by valgrind.
  • pidstat, sar and sadc manual pages updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2008/09/30: Version 8.1.6:

  • Option -h added to pidstat. This option is used to display all activities horizontally on a single line.
  • Fixed a bug in pidstat: When pidstat was used to monitor a process and all its threads (with pidstat's option -t), it could display weird values if the thread group leader terminated.
  • Header line displayed by sar, iostat, mpstat, pidstat and sadf -H now includes the number of CPU.
  • Use the correct word TGID instead of PID with pidstat -t.
  • mpstat now displays stats for all interrupts, including NMI, LOC, etc.
  • sar and sadf now check that CPU activity is available in file.
  • iostat's option -t now always displays the date and the time.
  • Added option "--disable-documentation" to ./configure. Using this option prevents documentation files (including manual pages) from being installed.
  • iconfig script updated. Now ask the user for documentation and isag script installation.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated. Indonesian and Chinese (traditional) translations added.
  • README-nls file updated.
  • Makefile updated: There is now a dedicated target to install or uninstall NLS files.
  • FAQ updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2008/07/14: Version 8.1.5:

  • Added virtual machine time accounting to "sar -u ALL" and mpstat (%guest).
  • pidstat has also been updated to be able to display time spent in virtual machine for a task, and for a task and all its children.
  • Option -S added to sar: This options tells sar to display swap space utilization. Option -r now only displays memory utilization.
  • Added %swpcad to sar -S (percentage of cached swap memory in relation to the amount of used swap space).
  • Added kbcommit and %commit to sar -r (amount and percentage of memory needed for current workload).
  • sadf -x now distinguishes between options -r and -R.
  • sadf command updated to take into account new fields (%guest, %swpcad, etc.)
  • [Ivana Varekova]: iostat now displays the total number of operations per second in the NFS report.
  • Fixed iostat so that %system (percentage of CPU utilization that occurred while executing at system level) also takes into account time spent to service interrupts and softirqs.
  • Added a missing header line for activities with multiple outputs displayed by sar (eg. sar -rR ...).
  • Makefile updated: There is now a dedicated target to install or uninstall manual pages.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • Code cleaned.
  • XSD and DTD documents updated.
  • isag script updated.

2008/06/22: Version 8.1.4:

  • sar can now collect and display all CPU fields with its new option "-u ALL". sadf has also been updated to be able to display them.
  • mpstat can now display per-CPU interrupts statistics with its option "-I CPU". This was a feature available in sar that was removed in previous sysstat version.
  • mpstat uses now a separate option ("-I SUM") to display the total number of interrupts for each processor.
  • Option -A added to mpstat. This switch tells mpstat to display all possible activities.
  • NFS v4 support added to sar -n NFS(D). When both NFS v3 and NFS v4 are used, stats from NFS v3 and NFS v4 are added together [DEBIAN bug#434442].
  • Code cleaned: mpstat, iostat and pidstat now use the common functions from rd_stats.c to read CPU stats from /proc/stat; Computing extended disk statistics (service time, etc.) is now done in one place (common function used by iostat, sar, sadf).
  • All sysstat commands are made consistent with how parameters are interpreted: "COMMAND <interval>" now generates a report continusouly, "COMMAND <interval> 0" causes an error, "COMMAND 0" displays a report since system startup [DEBIAN bug#475707].
  • Changed XML output for processes and context switches displayed by sadf -x to be consistent with output from sar.
  • mpstat and sar manual pages updated.
  • isag script updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • DTD and XML Schema updated.
  • NLS updated.

2008/05/25: Version 8.1.3:

  • sar, sadc and sadf heavily modified. It is now easier to add (or remove) activities since sar and sadc have been rewritten in a non-monolithic way with a generic design architecture.
  • Option -c removed from sar. Task creation and context switch activities are now merged and available with option -w.
  • sar no longer displays interrupts per processor statistics. This feature will be included in mpstat in next sysstat version.
  • Option -S added to sadc. This option replaces previous options -I or -d, and is used to select activities that should be collected and saved in file. It is even possible to select each activity collected by sadc.
  • Format of data files created by sar/sadc heavily modified. In some cases, it is now possible to add or remove activities while keeping a compatible format that can be read by a previous or future sysstat version.
  • sadf now only displays activities that have been explicitly selected.
  • sar now checks that devices displayed by option -d are whole devices (and not partitions) using sysstat.ioconf configuration file. If this file is not found in its default directory, then sysstat looks for it in current directory.
  • gettextize entire usage() messages so that translators have free scope to act.
  • DTD and XML Schema updated.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • Crontab samples updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2008/03/16: Version 8.1.2:

  • iostat now displays read and write operations per second in the NFS report.
  • sadc now retries to write its buffers when the write() call has been interrupted by a signal.
  • Use setbuf() call instead of fflush() to indicate that data should not be buffered to stdout.
  • Option -h added to sadf. Used with options -d or -D, it indicates that all activities should be displayed horizontally on a single line of data.
  • sadf -d and sadf -D now display the list of fields for easier data reading.
  • sadf and iostat manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated: Chinese (simplified) translation added, other translations updated.

2008/02/10: Version 8.1.1:

  • System activity data files now have extra header data that enable to identify which version of sysstat created them.
  • sadf -H now displays the version of sysstat used to create a system activity data file.
  • Machine architecture is now displayed in the reports header. sadf -x also displays machine architecture.
  • DTD and XML Schema documents updated.
  • The number of processors was not properly calculated on machines where a directory named cpuidle was present in the /sys/devices/system/cpu directory [GENTOO bug# 207886].
  • Use __CPU_SETSIZE definition from <sched.h> instead of a static definition for the maximum number of CPUs (NR_CPUS).
  • Improved error messages displayed by sysstat's commands.
  • NLS updated: Finnish translation added, Dutch translation updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Code cleaned and documented. Linux-like style applied to code source. Large functions split into smaller ones.

2008/01/06: Version 8.0.4:

  • Removed a 'packed' attribute in pidstat.h that generated a warning with gcc 4.1.1.
  • Take account of all memory zone types when calculating pgscank, pgscand and pgsteal displayed by sar -B.
  • XML Schema added. Useful with sadf option -x.
  • sadc and sadf manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated: Dutch translation added.
  • NLS updated: Brazilian Portuguese translation added.
  • NLS updated: Vietnamese translation added.
  • NLS updated: Kirghiz translation added.
  • NLS updated: Added a PO template file in nls directory. Makefile modified to enable PO files update.
  • sccsid string now also includes package name and version number.
  • Makefile updated: Startup links are named S01xxx instead of S03xxx to be consistent with chkconfig values.
  • Various spelling fixes.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/11/18: Version 8.0.3:

  • mpstat and sar didn't parse /proc/interrupts correctly when some CPUs had been disabled. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug in pidstat where a confusion between PID and TID could sometimes happen, resulting in erroneous statistics values being displayed.
  • iconfig script updated: Help for --enable-compress-manpg parameter is now available, help for --enable-install-cron parameter updated, added parameter cron_interval.
  • sa2 shell script can now compress sar data files using bzip2.
  • Makefile updated: Now also remove Documentation is installed in $prefix/share/doc/ instead of $prefix/doc/ directory.
  • isag updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Sysstat's URL updated.

2007/10/26: Version 8.0.2:

  • Option -w added to pidstat. pidstat can now display task switching activity.
  • Fixed a memory leak in pidstat that was triggered when reading stats for threads.
  • Fixed a bug where device names were incorrectly displayed by sar -d or sar -dp. Fixed also this bug for sadf.
  • When using option -o, sar now saves by default all the statistics into the file, including interrupts and disks statistics. Interrupts and disks statistics remain optional when using sadc.
  • sysstat startup script updated.
  • sar and pidstat manual pages updated.
  • isag updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Code cleaned.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/09/30: Version 8.0.1:

  • Option -t added to pistat. pidstat can now display stats for every thread (TID) of a process.
  • pidstat's option -T CHILD now reports global statistics for selected tasks and all their children (and not only for the children).
  • pidstat now reads VSZ and RSS values from /proc/#/stat instead of /proc/#/status.
  • Fixed a rare parallel make issue creating archive libsyscom.a [GENTOO bug #193208].
  • pidstat manual page updated.
  • SCCS identification string added to all commands.
  • NLS updated.
  • Code cleaned.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/09/02: Version 8.0.0:

  • pidstat command improved. It is now able to report CPU and page fault statistics for the child processes of a task.
  • Option -T added to pidstat. This option tells pidstat if statistics are to be reported for tasks (which is the default) or for their children.
  • Fixed a security flaw in sysstat startup script (CVE-2007-3852).
  • Removed super*, dquot* and rtsig* fields from sar -v. They were made obsolete in Linux kernels 2.6.
  • Fields file-sz and inode-sz from sar -v renamed in file-nr and inode-nr.
  • Added field pty-nr (number of pseudo-terminals) to sar -v.
  • Added field tcp-tw (number of sockets in TIME_WAIT state) to sar -n SOCK.
  • sar and sadf updated so that they can properly extract records (with their options -s and -e) from a file containing data for two consecutive days.
  • Added option "--enable-install-isag" to "configure" to enable the user to install isag script.
  • Fixed a typo in iconfig script: The user was unable to specify the crontab owner.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • Sysstat DTD file updated.
  • isag updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Author's email updated.

2007/07/08: Version 7.1.6:

  • New VM paging metrics added to sar (option -B).
  • Options -x and -X have been removed from sar. Use pidstat(1) command instead.
  • NR_CPUS increased to 16384 so that sysstat can be used on very large systems.
  • Fixed a bug in sadc.c where it was using a hardcoded 256 char buffer to store lines read from /proc/interrupts.
  • sar updated to avoid overflow when computing some average values.
  • sar and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • Sysstat DTD file updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/06/07: Version 7.1.5:

  • Option -d added to pidstat: This option reports I/O statistics for individual tasks.
  • Option -C added to sadc: This option enables the user to insert a timestamped comment in the binary data file.
  • Option -C added to sar: This option tells sar to display comments inserted in the binary data file by sadc.
  • sadf updated to display comments.
  • Fixed a bug that could happen while reading /proc/interrupts, where irq numbers can now be 4 digits long in recent kernels.
  • Fixed a possible buffer overflow in ioconf.c.
  • Makefile updated: Remove previous manual pages before installing new ones.
  • pidstat, sar and sadc manual pages updated.
  • Sysstat DTD file updated.
  • Fixed DTD version in sadf.h.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/04/29 : Version 7.1.4:

  • Addition of a new command "pidstat" aimed at displaying per-process statistics.
  • Option -N added to iostat. This option enables the user to query any device-mapper devices for their registered device name [bugzilla #177540].
  • Fixed a small memory leak in readp_uptime() function.
  • Typo fixed in file (s+INIT_DIR/etc/rc.d/init.d+INIT_DIR=/etc/rc.d/init.d+).
  • Stricter syntax checking for iostat.
  • sar -dp now displays the device as "devM-N" (instead of "nodev") when it can't find its real name in sysstat.ioconf file.
  • iostat -t now also takes into account the value of environment variable S_TIME_FORMAT.
  • Manual pages now take into account variables defined by "configure".
  • isag now takes into account variables defined by "configure".
  • "configure" now determines automatically whether workaround for SMP race is needed. This workaround is for SMP kernels 2.2.x with x <= 15 only.
  • pidstat manual page added. Other manual pages updated.
  • Makefile updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Code cleaned again and again...
  • Removed sargon from contrib directory since its features are now included in sysstat by default.

2007/03/27: Version 7.1.3:

  • Hotplug CPU support: Fixed a bug that happened when sar tried to read a datafile created while a least one processor was disabled.
  • Better support for keeping sar logfiles for more than one month (several bugs fixed in sa1 and sa2 scripts).
  • Fixed a small bug in sa2 script, where obsolete log files would not be deleted if system activity directory was a symbolic link to some other directory.
  • The new variable "conf_dir" now enables the user to specify sysstat configuration directory. This variable is used by "configure".
  • Added option "--enable-compress-manpg" to "configure" to enable the user to compress manual pages during installation.
  • Removed some 'packed' attributes in sa.h and iostat.h that generated warnings with gcc 4.1.1.
  • isag (Interactive System Activity Grapher) improved.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2007/03/04: Version 7.1.2:

  • Better hotplug CPU support. Now sysstat no longer assumes that CPU#0 can never be disabled. It uses /proc/uptime file to compute time interval.
  • Various structures realignment to save memory (and disk space).
  • Make sar -n display network traffic in kilobytes instead of bytes.
  • Make sysstat compile cleanly with gcc 4.0.2.
  • sysstat DTD file updated.
  • NLS updated: Danish translation added.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/02/21: Version 7.1.1:

  • Autoconf support added.
  • iconfig (Interactive Configuration script) added. iconfig is a front-end to ./configure.
  • spec file updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • sadf manual page updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2007/02/04: Version 7.0.4:

  • Removed linux/major.h from list of files included in ioconf.c. It was actually not used and also prevented sysstat from being compiled on GNU/kFreeBSD.
  • Sysstat scripts (sa1, sa2, sysstat) modified to enable the user to keep sar data for more than one month.
  • New parameter (COMPRESSAFTER) added to /etc/sysconfig/sysstat. It gives the number of days after which sar datafiles must be compressed to save disk space.
  • Replaced the word "Device" with "Filesystem" for iostat NFS report.
  • iostat manual page updated.
  • Makefile updated: don't use a static list of languages to compile NLS files.
  • "make install" now always install sysstat configuration file (default location is /etc/sysconfig).
  • FAQ updated.
  • Added my email address when displaying sysstat version.
  • NLS updated.

2006/12/03: Version 7.0.3:

  • iostat NFS statistics added.
  • iostat manual page updated.
  • Columns "r/s" and "w/s" enlarged for iostat -x.
  • Minor change so that sar -u may fit in 80 columns.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2006/10/22: Version 7.0.2:

  • Hotplug CPU support added to sar and mpstat
  • Use /sys to count the number of available processors. /proc/stat is used for that only if /sys is not found.
  • sysstat DTD updated.
  • sysstat spec file updated (gettext is now required).
  • NLS updated: Swedish translation added.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • Makefile updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2006/09/17: Version 7.0.1:

  • Use now sysconf() function to get the size of a memory page instead of using header file <asm/page.h>.
  • The time specified with sadf options -s and -e is now always considered as given in local time. sadf output is now really consistent with that of sar.
  • Fixed a bug in the SREALLOC() macro which was causing sar to exit unexpectedly with this message: "realloc: Success".
  • Try to better guess when a stats title line has to be displayed by sar.
  • Makefile updated (SMP_RACE definition was no longer taken into account when compiling sadc).
  • sysstat spec file updated.
  • sar and sadf manual pages updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2006/07/09: Version 7.0.0:

  • S_TIME_DEF_TIME environment variable added for sar, sadc and sadf.
  • Use now sysconf() function to get the number of clock ticks per second (HZ value) instead of using kernel include file <sys/param.h>.
  • Columns "Device", "rrqm/s" and "wrqm/s" enlarged for iostat -x.
  • sysstat installation process updated to use chkconfig if available.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • Makefile updated.
  • sysstat web site address updated.
  • Code cleaned.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2006/05/24: Version 6.1.3:

  • Option -P can now be used with sar even on SMP machines where only one processor is available.
  • Small bug fixed for mpstat, where explicitly specifying processor 0 ("-P 0") could lead to incorrect output on UP machines.
  • Option -D added to sadf: this option displays the contents of a data file in a database-friendly format with a timestamp expressed in seconds from the epoch.
  • sadf manual page updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2006/04/23: Version 6.1.2:

  • Fix incorrect NFS client and server statistics for sar.
  • sar can now display stats for newly created processes when option -x ALL or -X ALL is used.
  • iostat -x was displaying redundant information. It now displays amount of data read from or written to devices in sectors, kilobytes or megabytes depending on the switch used.
  • isag updated to keep up with current sar version.
  • sar and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • FAQ updated.

2006/02/22 Version 6.1.1:

  • New field added to sar: %steal.
  • The size of a long integer in now saved in the header of the data file created by sar. This size can be displayed with sadf -H.
  • Makefile updated (use implicit rules).
  • sar manual page updated.
  • CREDITS and FAQ files updated.

2005/11/28 Version 6.0.2:

  • New field added to mpstat and iostat: %steal.
  • sar updated to take into account cpu steal time.
  • Off-by-one error in ioc_conv which was corrupting device names on 64-bit architecture [Debian bug #334305].
  • Binary RPM package now installs a sample crontab in /etc/cron.d.
  • Makefile updated (remove sysstat.cron.* during make clean - new target added: sysstat.crond.sample).
  • sar now checks exit code from dup2() system calls.
  • Option -V now only displays sysstat version number.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Manual pages updated.

2005/06/25 Version 6.0.1:

  • Fixed a memory leak in ioconf parsing functions used by sar and iostat.
  • sar now displays its statistics to STDOUT in addition to saving them into the file when option -o has been entered on the command line.
  • sar now recalculates number of system items (network interfaces, disks, serial lines, etc.) when a file rotation happens.
  • Make sar -b work again when used without option -d.
  • Small changes so that sysstat can be compiled with gcc-4.0.1.
  • sysstat updated so that it may be installed on Slackware.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2005/05/14 Version 6.0.0:

  • Additional fields added to sar -y (TTY statistics). sar, sadf and DTD updated.
  • sar -d now only reports for used devices (devices with non zero statistics).
  • Stricter sadf syntax checking: various output formats are now mutually exclusive.
  • Stricter iostat syntax checking: -k and -m options are now mutually exclusive.
  • iostat: option -m is now taken into account even when displaying extended statistics.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented iostat from displaying stats about devices that were unknown in sysstat.ioconf file.
  • iostat might display bogus sectors values when the corresponding kernel counters had overflown. This is now fixed.
  • "sadf datafile -- -A" should also display individual interrupts if available in datafile.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented sar -x from displaying stats about a process if it was after the first 256 processes in the process list.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • sa1 script always uses option -d in crontab.
  • sysstat.ioconf device configuration file updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ and CREDITS files updated.
  • Code cleaned.

2005/02/25 Version 5.1.5:

  • -x option added to sadf: it is now able to display the contents of a sar datafile in XML. The corresponding DTD (Document Type Definition) is included in the sysstat package.
  • Small code change so that sysstat may be compiled with gcc-4.0.
  • A few typos fixed in formulas used by sadf to display stats on machines where HZ<>100 (typos appeared in sysstat 5.1.4).
  • Fixed a bug in the stats displayed by sar -d.
  • Removed a false workaround in iostat: better show that the kernel is buggy rather than display a value that seems correct but which is actually not...
  • Fixed sar -i option which might not select records at the specified interval on machines with multiple processors.
  • NLS updated and cleaned. Do no longer translate fields names (sar, iostat, etc.). Changed nb_NO.po and nn_NO.po files to nb.po and nn.po.
  • Bug fixed in spec file: when installing sysstat i586 RPM package, sa1 and sa2 scripts were pointing to the wrong sadc location.
  • Now sar and sadc display the magic number when they meet an invalid system activity file.
  • sadf manual page updated.
  • sysstat RPM spec file is now included in source package.
  • Code cleaned.
  • FAQ, Makefile and CREDITS files updated.

2005/01/02 Version 5.1.4:

  • NFS client and server statistics added to sar.
  • sar -d now only reads stats for devices (and not partitions) from /proc/partitions. (This is what it was already doing with /proc/diskstats).
  • Display routines from sadf merged, so that -ppc and -db always output the same values.
  • sadf updated to handle NFS statistics.
  • sadf can now display the header of a data file (option -H).
  • Define MAX_BLKDEV in ioconf.h if non-existent in <linux/major.h>.
  • sar now looks for sadc in one directory only, specified at compile time. Moreover it is now possible to have two different sysstat versions installed: sar knows where its sadc counterpart is located.
  • removed. SADC_PATH is defined in CONFIG file.
  • sar and sadf manual pages updated.
  • sysstat.ioconf file updated.
  • Fixed a bug in i386 RPM package, where sadc location was not consistent with that of sar. Spec file updated.
  • Makefile updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Various cosmetic changes (code and manual pages). Code cleaned.
  • FAQ and CREDITS files updated.

 2004/11/22 Version 5.1.3:

  • Option -p added to sar: It enables sar (and also sadf) to display device names as they appear in /dev.
  • sysstat.ioconf support added.
  • New fields added to sar -d (more disk activities displayed): avgrq-sz, avgqu-sz, await, svctm, %util.
  • sadf updated to handle new disk activities.
  • I/O and transfer rate statistics as displayed by sar -b are available whatever the version of the kernel is (i.e. even on recent kernels).
  • Disk stats are read by sadc from /proc/stat only if they cannot be read from /proc/{partitions,diskstats}.
  • sadc: Some variables declarations moved around.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • Added workaround for EMC PowerPath driver bug to enable iostat to display proper device name.
  • Makefile updated: Use $@ and $< everywhere; 'make {iostat,mpstat}' work again; Create object files before linking; Removed unused IOS_DFLAGS variable; Use DESTDIR variable everywhere; Create libsysioc.a; Install sysstat.ioconf.
  • NLS updated.
  • README and CREDITS files updated.

2004/11/05 Version 5.1.2:

  • sar -d now also uses /proc/partitions to get its data. From now on sar -d looks in the following files in that order: /proc/diskstats, /proc/partitions, /proc/stat.
  • sadc writes disks data to file only if -d option is explicitly set on the command line.
  • sadc now reads individual interrupts data from /proc/stat only if -I option was entered on the command line.
  • 'sar -A' is now equivalent to 'sar -bBcdqrRuvwWy -I SUM -I XALL -n FULL -P ALL' (i.e. individual interrupts are also included in activities).
  • Option -m now tells iostat to display statistics in megabytes per second instead of blocks per second.
  • Make history (number of days to keep log files) configurable in /etc/sysconfig/sysstat file, which is used by sa2 script.Now use Vixie cron to launch sadc when possible.
  • sadc, sa1 and sa2 may now be installed in another directory than ${PREFIX}/lib/sa. This is useful on 64-bit systems where the proper directory should be ${PREFIX}/lib64/sa.
  • When uninstalling sysstat, always delete sysstat script, config file and links in /etc tree. Also always delete Vixie cron entry.
  • sysstat script now returns real exit code.
  • sar/sadc: Stricter syntax checking for -x and -X options use.
  • sysstat "*.sh" files renamed in "*.in".
  • Makefile updated.
  • sadc and sar manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • CREDITS and README files updated.

2004/10/09 Version 5.1.1:

  • sar now reads CPU data, number of context switches, number of sectors and total number of interrupts as 64-bit unsigned values. It also reads the number of running processes as unsigned long instead of unsigned int.
  • sadf - System activity data formatter command added.
  • Options -h and -H removed from sar. "sar -h" is replaced by "sadf -p", and "sar -H" is replaced by "sadf -d".
  • Common code for sar and sadf moved to sa_common.c file.
  • pid_stats members don't need to be aligned since these stats are not written to daily data files. Packing them saves some memory on 32-bit architectures.
  • No longer indicate that -x and -X are possible options for sadc. They are only useful when used as options for sar, not sadc.
  • Minor buffer overrun fixed in iostat.
  • Updated CPU header for iostat and mpstat: CPU used while executing at the system level is displayed as '%system' by iostat (like sar) and as '%sys' by mpstat.
  • sadf manual page added. Other manual pages updated.
  • Updated the GPL notices (the address of the FSF was wrong).
  • Makefile updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • README, FAQ and CREDITS files updated.

2004/08/03 Version 5.0.6:

  • The value for file-sz reported by sar -v was a number of free handles, and not a number of used ones! This is now fixed (and this is really now a number of _used_ file handles).
  • Now ask during config stage for the directory where sadc will be located. This may be useful for some systems where sadc needs to be installed in a specific location (e.g. on 64 bit s390 systems, the proper directory should be /usr/lib64/sa).
  • sa1 script updated: Use '-' to specify current daily data file instead of guessing its name using current date.
  • NLS updated: be consistent with GNU gettext standards.
  • iostat manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • Makefile updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.

2004/06/08 Version 5.0.5:

  • Timestamp is no longer limited to 11 characters. This should avoid problems with somes locales (for example Japanese locale, where 'mojibake' used to be displayed by sar and mpstat sometimes).
  • Fixed a bug in sysstat RPM spec file (symlinks to sysstat script were wrong in /etc/rc.d directories).
  • sar now checks parameters for options -n, -s and -e more aggressively.
  • NLS updated: Japanese translation added.
  • Various typos fixed in several files (manual pages, README, etc.)
  • CREDITS file updated.

2004/05/20 Version 5.0.4:

  • When trying to lock file, sadc now checks for both EWOULDBLOCK and EAGAIN error codes to be portable.
  • sar could sometimes display a line whose time stamp was greater than the limit set by -e option. This is no longer possible.
  • The sadc command in script had to be enclosed in quotes to work when called via 'su -c'.
  • The script was sending the output of sadc command to stdout instead of the standard system activity file. This is now fixed.
  • Outfile must now be explicitly set to "-" for sadc to use the standard system activity file.
  • FAQ updated.
  • iostat manual page updated. Typo fixed in sadc manual page.
  • Fixed the "Save picture" option of isag script.

2004/04/07 Version 5.0.3:

  • iostat now reads the number of sectors in /proc/diskstats or from sysfs as 64-bit unsigned values.
  • sar uses "%u" instead of "%d" to read unsigned integer values _everywhere_.
  • sar and sadc are now a little bit more verbose when dealing with invalid activity files.
  • Network interface name size is now read from include file <net/if.h>.
  • FAQ polished up.
  • Slovak translation added. NLS updated.
  • Typo fixed in iostat manual page.
  • Makefile and CREDITS file updated.
  • isag upgraded to version 1.26 (isag package release 0.81.0).

2004/03/10 Version 5.0.2:

  • iostat will _again_ look for statistics in /proc/partitions if available. Too many production servers are still using 2.2.x or 2.4.x kernels and iostat must be able to display extended stats also for them (/proc/partitions support was removed in sysstat version 4.1.3). So now, iostat gets its statistics from the following sources in that order: /proc/diskstats, sysfs, /proc/partitions and then /proc/stat.
  • Statistics are now read by iostat and mpstat as unsigned long instead of int to avoid integer overflow.
  • iostat should now handle properly the case when the 'weighted number of milliseconds spent doing I/Os' (read in sysfs or /proc/{partitions,diskstats}) decreases with time.
  • iostat manual page updated.
  • Minor temporary file vulnerability fixed in isag command.
  • README, FAQ and CREDITS files updated.
  • Author's email changed.

2004/02/02 Version 5.0.1:

  • -L option added to sadc. Enable sadc to lock its output file to prevent multiple instances from writing to it at once.
  • sa1 and sysstat scripts updated to take advantage of -L option.
  • Handle the case where, under very special circumstances, STDOUT may become unavailable, and sar, iostat and mpstat are no longer able to display anything.
  • sadc as called in sysstat script also uses -F option to force the creation of daily data file.
  • sar, sadc and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • Code cleaned.
  • FAQ and CREDITS files updated.

2003/11/09 Version 5.0.0:

  • New fields added to mpstat: %irq (%time spent servicing interrupts) and %soft (%time spent servicing softirqs).
  • sar and iostat updated to take into account time spent servicing interrupts and softirqs when displaying percentage of time in system mode.
  • By default iostat now displays only statistics information for devices that are used by the system. You should now use the ALL keyword to tell iostat to display statistics for every device including those that have never been used.
  • The file version.h is now dynamically created. sysstat's version number is now only recorded in the Makefile.
  • sar manual page updated: beginning with kernels 2.4 and later, pgpgin and pgpgout statistics are in kilobytes and not in blocks (see linux-2.4/fs/proc/proc_misc.c and linux-2.6/mm/page_alloc.c).
  • iostat and mpstat manual pages updated.
  • Makefile updated: don't process NLS files if they are up-to-date.
  • sysstat's RPM spec file updated to enable clean, non-root builds.
  • NLS updated.
  • FAQ and CREDITS files updated.

2003/09/28 Version 4.1.7:

  • /proc/diskstats is now the preferred source for iostat to get its statistics. If non-existent, iostat falls back on sysfs then on /proc/stat.
  • In addition to devices, partitions can also be entered on the command line for iostat providing that option -x is not used.
  • /dev prefix has been removed from device name displayed by iostat -x.
  • sar -d now looks for disks statistics in /proc/diskstats with post 2.5 kernels.
  • sar uses /proc/vmstat file with post 2.5 kernels to find paging and swapping statistics.
  • activepg, inadtypg, inaclnpg and inatarpg stats removed from sar -B report (they were not really useful).
  • sar -B now displays the number of page faults made by the system (pgfault/s and pgmajflt/s).
  • Stat on shared memory removed from sar -r and sar -R (this stat was no longer maintained by the kernel since 2.4 because of performance problems).
  • Cached swap statistic information added to sar -r.
  • sar -d now displays separate statistics for sectors that are read from or written to devices.
  • %file-sz (percentage of used file handles) is no longer displayed by sar -v, since the upper limit for the number of open files will self-scale with kernels 2.6.
  • sar now looks more aggressively for network devices in /proc/net/dev.
  • Heading spaces in network interface names removed (sar -n).
  • Fixed a problem reading /proc/interrupts when there are a lot of CPUs (mpstat, sadc).
  • NR_IRQS value increased to 256, since IA64 supports 256 irqs per CPU.
  • Some stats counters are now read as unsigned long instead of unsigned int (pgpgin, pgpgout, pswpin, pswpout, irq_sum).
  • sar and iostat manual pages updated.
  • FAQ, README and CREDITS files updated.
  • NLS updated.

2003/08/20 Version 4.1.6:

  • Machine uptime calculation is now optimized on SMP machines to minimize the consequences if an overflow condition happens. Especially useful when asking for stats since system boot.
  • -F option added to sadc. Useful to force the creation of the daily data file: an already existing file with a wrong format will be truncated by sadc if this option is used.
  • sa1 script now calls sadc with -F option.
  • The processor number to which the process is attached was no longer displayed by sar -x. Make it appear again.
  • CPU usage for processes, as displayed by sar -x and sar -X, should now be correct on machines where HZ <> 100 (eg IA64 architecture).
  • iostat still assumed that jiffies were 100ths of a second in some places. Now use Linux HZ definition *everywhere*.
  • The average I/O requests queue length as displayed by iostat -x was wrongly calculated. This is now fixed.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • Cosmetic changes in various parts of the code.
  • FAQ, README and CREDITS files updated.

2003/07/21 Version 4.1.5:

  • 'sar -x <pid>' and 'sar -X <pid>' work again.
  • sar had a longstanding bug that prevented option -P from working properly if the machine had more than 32 processors. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 4.1.2, which made some LINUX RESTART messages to not be displayed by sar.
  • sar now uses bitmap of char instead of int to avoid endianness problems.
  • sar can now handle a huge number of processors, serial lines and network interfaces.
  • FAQ updated.

2003/07/01 Version 4.1.4:

  • Fixed the way overflow conditions were handled by sar for interfaces counters.
  • On really big machines with 100 GB of memory or more, the values read by sadc in /proc/meminfo would get truncated and cause havoc in the calculations. This is now fixed.
  • iostat and sar can now read many more disk entries in /proc/stat if necessary.
  • Option "-x SUM" removed for sar. It was used to tell sar to display the total number of minor and major faults made by the system. Unfortunately, the calculation was tricky, and the results were uncertain...
  • NLS updated. Polish translation added. Also proper charset and encoding declarations added to fix msgfmt warnings and allow gettext to recode between various charsets (e.g. German translation will be shown properly both with LANG=de_DE.ISO-8859-1, and LANG=de_DE.UTF-8)
  • Code 'sanitization'.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • README and FAQ files updated.

2003/05/08 Version 4.1.3:

  • iostat should now be fully 2.5/2.6 kernel compliant.
  • Disks arrays in iostat are now dynamically sized.
  • iostat: sysfs is now used in preference to /proc/stat if available.
  • iostat will no longer look for statistics in /proc/partitions. sysfs filesystem must now be available for iostat to get its extended stats (post 2.5 kernels).
  • iostat: Devices for which statistics are requested can now be entered on the command line even if option -x is not used.
  • Usage messages updated.
  • Manual pages updated.
  • Code cleaned (dk_drive_sum removed in iostat, long lines folded, functions split in smaller parts, etc.)
  • NLS updated. Romanian translation added.
  • isag upgraded to version 1.22.

2003/01/24 Version 4.1.2:

  • sar -q now also displays load average for the past 15 minutes.
  • -P option added to sar. This option enables sar to display stats on a per processor basis. Options -U and '-I PROC' are deprecated. sar -U ALL is replaced by sar -u -P ALL, and sar -I PROC by sar -I SUM -P ALL.
  • Fixed iowait value displayed by sar on SMP machines with pre 2.5 kernels.
  • When displaying CPU utilization on SMP machines, sar now recalculates the interval based on current CPU's tick count.
  • Always check that the number of CPUs has not increased when reading /proc/stat (sadc, mpstat).
  • sadc: Don't assume that the first line in /proc/net/sockstat concerns sockets. Check it!
  • Serial lines are ignored by sadc for every kind of kernels (UP, SMP...) if SMP_RACE is defined. SMP_RACE is no longer defined by default in RPM packages.
  • Code cleaned: Dead code removed in iostat.c, some lines longer than 80 chars folded, etc.
  • sar manual page updated.
  • FAQ updated.
  • NLS updated.

2003/01/02 Version 4.1.1:

  • sar -u/-U, iostat and mpstat can now display time spent in I/O wait mode (with 2.5 kernels and above).
  • Values like -1 and -2 are no longer aliases for keywords ALL and XALL (sar -U, sar -I, mpstat -P).
  • Buglet fixed in iostat.h.
  • LC_CTYPE needs to be set, or it will emit messages with ?????? only on some locales, especially ja_JP.eucJP.
  • sar, mpstat and iostat manual pages updated.
  • NLS updated.
  • CREDITS file updated.
  • Typo removed in FAQ file.

2002/11/13 Version 4.0.7:

  • Make data for timestamp 00:00:00 appear in one of the daily data files when sar/sadc rotates its output file.
  • Take out check for non SMP configuration when asking for mpstat -P.
  • sargon script updated.
  • FAQ updated.